Statistical Research and Training Center

Affiliated to the Statistical Center of Iran, to meet the research requirements for information and statistics within the National Statistical System, Statistical Research and Training Center (SRTC) has been established with the following objectives and missions since 1999. The SRTC began operating based on authorization Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


1. To improve the quality and trend of production and distribution of the statistical data within the county's statistical system.

2. To have access to the most appropriate methods and techniques for production and distribution of statistical data, to identify the related problems and to find their solutions.

3. To promote the capabilities to carry out researches on the statistical issues.

4. To cooperate with the other research and training institutions in order to improve the research activities. 


  • Ascertaining the priority of research studies about statistics.
  • Implementing research projects and also conducting applicable surveys in regard to methods of producing statistics, statistical analysis, data processing and statistical information dissemination.
  • Preparing the way for better cooperation with government organizations, public companies, universities and other research institutesto enhance the related studies and research activities.
  • Providing facilities to communicate with universities and other scientific research institutes around the world according to the prevalent principles.
  • Conducting scientific seminars and academic conferences within the existing laws and regulations.
  • Publishing books, scientific journals, research outcomes and other relevant publications in regard with SRTC goals and missions. 


Address: No. 145, Shahid Sartip Fakori St., Baba Taher St., Dr. Fatemi St., Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Postal code: 14137 17911